Our teams are regularly performing at various events in London and abroad. Have a look at our schedule and join us!

17th    Mmabocity ULU Salsa Social, London
1st    Bar Salsa, Soho, London
31st    Hammersmith Salsa Club, Incognito, London
28th    Sexy & Sensual Festival, Heathrow
27th    Caramelo Halloween Party, Paddington Academy, London
25th    Pexava Salsa Social, Holborn, London
23rd    Bar Salsa Temple, London
20th    Bachata Spice, London
19th    Putney Salsa Club, Incognito, London
15th    Salsa Cocktail, Bush Hill Park Golf Club
13th    Pexava Salsa Social, Holborn, London
12th    Salsa Wild, Maidstone, Kent
8th    Bachata Amigos Spice, Tiger Tiger, London
7th    Fulham Salsa Club, Incognito, London
2nd    Bar Salsa, Temple, London
1st    Salsa Cocktail, Buch Hill Park Golf Club


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