Dive into Salsa Dancing:
join our 1-Day Intensive Beginners Course!

beginners latin dance classes in London

Have you always wanted to dance Salsa but felt intimidated by the steps? Fear not! Our 1-Day Intensive Beginners Salsa Course is here to kickstart your journey into the vibrant world of Latin dance and get you ready for the dance floor that same day!

This 5-hour course is packed with material and information you need to get you dancing fast, gain confidence, understand not only the “how” but also the “why” and get you excited about developing you partner dancing skills.

Our courses are taught at our home base in Paddington Academy in Maida Vale in London.

  • Step-by-Step Expert Guidance: Our expert instructors will patiently guide you through the fundamentals of salsa dancing, ensuring that you grasp each step with ease and confidence.
  • Basic Footwork Breakdown: Learn the essential footwork patterns and rhythms that form the foundation of salsa, setting you up for success on the dance floor.
  • Partner Connection: Discover the joy of dancing with a partner as you explore basic partner connection techniques and simple yet elegant moves. Learn to communicate with your dance partner through body movement.
  • Music and Dance Structure: We’ll take the time to explain how to listen to the music, break down the beats and overlay that with steps and moves
  • No Experience Needed: This course is designed for complete beginners, so whether you’ve never danced a step in your life or have two left feet, you’ll feel right at home!
  • Social and Fun Environment: We rotate partners regularly through the class, Salsa is all about being social!
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